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Mezzaluna Knives, Scissors & Slicers - Speciality Knives

A kitchen drawer isn't complete unless you own a few speciality knives.

Some of the most exquisite and wonderful examples of everyday knife technology can be found in the ProCook web shop. If you're a big fan of herbs and grow your own, on window ledges, pots, tubs, or are lucky enough to have a large dedicated herb garden then you probably already own a Mezzaluna knife. Herbs are easily chopped into fine pieces ready for cooking on a wooden chopping block or board that has a shallow indentation where the leaves can go. The double-handled Mezzaluna knife has double-curved blades that fit into the indentation in the block, and slices easily through a bundle of leaves, using a rocking motion. This prevents small bits of the precious herbs escaping from under the blades. But you can find Mezzaluna knives with single blades too. Mezzaluna is Italian for half-moon and describes the herb chopping knife perfectly.

Speciality Knives & Utensils - Soft-Grip Scissors

A good quality pair of kitchen scissors is a sound investment for a well-equipped kitchen. These days you can buy scissors in all kinds of shapes and sizes to help your cooking preparations. From soft-grip scissors to left or right-handed versions, soft-grip scissors mean that however much cutting and slicing you're doing your fingers will never start aching.

Speciality Knives & Slicers – Ham & Salmon Slicer

To achieve professional standard ultra thin slices of ham or salmon get equipped with a specialist ham and salmon slicer. With a long thin flexible blade the ham and salmon slicer uses a minimal amount of effort to produce perfect succulent slices of your favourite foods. Impress your guests with a fine contemporary Japanese carbon stainless steel ham and salmon slicer to flourish at a dinner party.

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ProCook is a leading UK supplier of professional standard cookware and specialist knives. Whether you want a pair of soft-grip scissors or a Mezzaluna knife, ProCook stock the best value cutlery and kitchen utensils on the market today. Shop securely online now and buy your kitchen equipment today, or call us on 0330 100 1010 to place your order.