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Paring & Peeling Knives – Use your Knives Safely

You can use a paring knife for peeling apples, pears, vegetables and anything else that has a skin that needs to be removed.

There's a very good reason why knives cannot be sold to anyone under the age of eighteen in the UK, it's because they have sharp blades and you can hurt yourself badly with them if you're not careful. There are right ways and very wrong ways to use kitchen knives, and that includes paring and peeling knives.

Use your Paring Knives Carefully – Peel with Confidence

Another staple and classic piece of cutlery you should consider equipping your kitchen cupboards with are paring and peeling knives. You can remove the skins from fruit and vegetables with a sparing knife or use them for coring fruit, slicing and other small and fiddly food preparation tasks. A paring knife tends to be very sharp in order to efficiently remove skin from flesh without wasting any of the useable fruit, such as a peach, so use them with care.

Curved Peeler – Safety First

Fruit and vegetables by their very nature are oddly shaped, from triangular and round carrots, to pyramid-like parsnips. A curved peeler can come in very handy in a kitchen for making it easier to peel around curves. Always hold the curved peeler with one hand firmly and the fruit or vegetable with your other hand, and peel away from your body. Never peel towards yourself in case the peeler hits a knot, or a bump on the vegetable, and the force accidentally sends the knife through your finger instead.

Chopping & Slicing Vegetables - Vegetable knife

Good quality vegetable knives are safer to use than cheaper versions because of the craftsmanship used to manufacture them in the first place. A badly made vegetable knife with a wooden handle for example, that's left lying in water, might disintegrate in time and the wood swells or rots and breaks off from the blade. If this happened while you were engaging in some intense chopping it might well ping back into your face and scar you for life. Also if a blade snaps when you're making a long deep cut into a joint of beef you may not be able to find the broken part easily meaning that you can't serve the meat at all.

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