Pay Homage to Your Fromage with a Cheese Dome

You can pay homage to your fromage with a cheese dome that enhances the flavour and texture of your cheeses as well as presenting them beautifully at the table for entertaining.


Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to wine and nibbles either before or after a meal. Whether you are looking for Roquefort to die for or simply better cheddar; a glass cheese dome can bring out the best in your cheese. Chefs and cheese connoisseurs know that both the flavour and texture of a cheese can be greatly improved by keeping it at room temperature prior to eating. More and more people are enjoying the benefits of a cheese dome that can protect food items and display them in an attractive manner at the table.


Cheese that Will Please with a Cheese Dome


A high quality cheese dome should be able to cover your cheeses and stop them from drying out. Storing them in a cheese dome is a popular choice for fromage fanatics as they know that cheese taken straight from the fridge can be hard and bland. A cheese dome lets the cheese reach room temperature; allowing it to soften and flavour compounds to be liberated. The experienced host will often select a cheese dome that is large enough to accommodate a number of cheeses in order to provide adequate variety for guests.


The Benefits of a Cheese Dome


Protect the Cheese - A cheese dome can protect cheese from insects when dining outdoors or from being tainted by other cooking products in use nearby.

Enhance Flavour - Once it has reached room temperature in the glass cheese dome, cheeses develop a more intense flavour and pleasing texture without drying out.

Expertly Presented - A glass cheese dome allows guests to marvel at the array of cheeses on display through the clean dome lid whilst keeping it protected.

Other Uses - A cheese dome can also be used for protecting and preserving cakes, breads and other food items that need to be kept at room temperature.



Give Your Halloumi a Home with a Cheese Dome from ProCook


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