Peel Appeal - Kitchen Peelers Really Make Life Easier

Kitchen peelers are extremely useful kitchen utensils for a plethora of foods and they will help make your life in the kitchen a pleasure rather than a chore.


Any self respecting home chef knows that you can’t survive in the kitchen without kitchen peelers. Kitchen peelers are absolutely essential utensils for preparing numerous meals and it is also essential to make sure that your kitchen peelers are of top quality. Some people use a knife for peeling their vegetables but unless you have the hands of a surgeon and an extremely sharp blade you could end up peeling off half the actual vegetable. It is not much easier using a shoddy, inferior quality peeler as a blunt, flimsy utensil will require you to really scrape at the veg and it is easy to mangle it this way, leaving it looking quite unappetising. The only way to avoid such problems is to buy well made kitchen peelers – they really will make your task in the kitchen easier.


Kitchen Peelers – For More than Just Spuds


Vegetable peelers are most commonly associated with potatoes and much of the time they are used for spuds. Without potato peelers you would not be able to make delicious, thick-cut homemade chips or potatoes dauphinoise and that would surely be a tragedy. However, potato peelers, kitchen peelers, vegetable peelers – whatever you would like to call them are used for many other types of food. They are used to peel carrots, sweet potatoes, anja potatoes, root ginger and to slice slivers of vegetables for salads and coleslaw. People also use kitchen peelers for fruits such as apples and pears, often when making puddings and sometimes they are used to grate shavings of hard cheese such as parmesan onto a rocket salad or a pasta dish. So, even if you don’t eat potatoes (which, let’s face it, everyone does), you will still find vegetable peelers or kitchen peelers very useful.


Quality Kitchen Peelers Available


There are a number of differing designs of kitchen peelers to suit individual preferences and here is a selection of those currently available:


Y Shape Peeler – the Y shape peeler is similar in appearance to a safety razor and is effective for all vegetables and fruits. It is also available in economic acrylic or more durable stainless steel.

• Julienne Peeler – a julienne peeler is a fast and easy way to prepare slivers of vegetables for an elegant meal.

Stainless Steel Potato Peeler – although this peeler is designed with potatoes in mind it works just as well with any other vegetables or fruit.


Potato Peelers and Vegetable Peelers from ProCook


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