Pestle and Mortars - Perfect for Asian Cooking

To get the most out of herbs and spices in the ever popular and trendy Asian cuisine, use pestle and mortars for grinding and mixing.

South East Asian cooking has become one of the trendiest restaurant crazes over recent years. If you haven’t sampled your local Asian cuisine, you certainly wouldn’t qualify as a food lover. Loved for its exotic aromas, colourful flavours and incredible range of notes, fresh dishes from the Far East aren’t quite the same without the use of pestle and mortars.

Pestle and mortars are used in cooking for grinding, mixing and crushing, and without them, it’s almost impossible to appreciate the full range of flavours in our chosen ingredients. With Asian foods, there’s nothing more important than the intense and interesting tastes and flavourings, so pestle and mortars are common items in any Asian kitchen.

Pestle & Mortars for Perfect Spices

Unlike an electric food processor, pestle and mortars allow chefs to have more control of how much they are grinding and mixing. Not only does a pestle and mortar give you the satisfaction of hand mixing your own selection of herbs and spices, but you have complete control of your mixing technique.

There are many different pestle & mortars available on the kitchen accessories market today, including marble pestle & mortars or granite pestle & mortars. These are the perfect kitchen tools to help you create exquisite fusion dishes, either at home or at work.

Restaurants across the UK are adopting the trend of dishes inspired by the wild and magical world of Asia. Whether it’s the spicy heat of deep aromas of Indian food curries, the strong garlic tones of Malaysian cuisine, the sweet and savoury mélange of Chinese food, or the delicate flavours of a fragrant Thai dish, using pestle and mortars can help you achieve Asian-cooking perfection.

Where to Buy Pestle & Mortars

Pestle and mortars are also great for other cuisines, such as Spanish, Italian or French. Traditionally used for medicine preparation, pestle and mortars are ideal tools for mixing and grinding herbs and spices. They can help to maximise the amalgamation of different ingredients and bring out the incredible flavours.

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