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Quality Cutlery – Make your Dinner Table Stand Out from the Rest

If you want to impress your dinner guests invest in a top quality cutlery set so they can eat in style

People all over the world love throwing dinner parties and entertaining friends and relatives. Food and drink are things that most if us love so what better reason to get together than for a good meal and a few drinks. If you are hosting an evening repast you will want to impress your guests with the quality of your cooking but also with your entertaining skills and the setting in which you will enjoy your meal. This means stylish tableware such as crockery, glasses, salt and pepper pots, sauce boats and cutlery. This last item is very important as your guests would have to eat with their hands otherwise which probably wouldn't impress them too much – unless you make sandwiches for dinner, but that probably wouldn't impress them much either.

Popular Ways to Tart-Up a Table

People take pride in their homes and their hosting abilities so will go beyond just the food and drink to impress their diners. Here are a few common methods used to improve the aesthetic of a dinner table:

Candles – a candlelit evening always has a touch more magic than one basking in bright bulb light and candles are obviously a nice touch for a romantic meal for two.

Flowers – any table will be brightened up with a nice bouquet of flowers sat in a stylish vase. Flowers add colour to a table and create an attractive centrepiece.

Fruit bowl – as with flowers, a fruit bowl filled with exotic items can make a fetching centrepiece and provide a post-pudding snack.

Tablecloth – a well chosen tablecloth (perhaps with table runners), that matches your dining room will help to create a classy setting for your meal.

Contemporary Cutlery

Today the range of cutlery available is considerable. Through the years cutlery has been made from silver, steel, pewter, electroplated nickel silver and Melchior (a copper and nickel alloy). Today most cutlery is made from stainless steel as it is strong and highly resistant to corrosion. You can buy knives, forks and spoons in stainless steel but these are not the only cutlery utensils available. Here we move into the weird and wonderful world of tableware taxidermy and hybrid cutlery with the spork, which is a combination between a spoon and a fork. There is also a spife (a spoon crossed with a knife), a dubiously named knork (a knife and fork combo) and a sporf which is a combination of knife, fork and spoon. The cutlery available today comes in designs reflecting regency period Britain, to plain and simple cutlery, to cutting-edge contemporary cutlery sets. Whatever the style of your home there will be a cutlery set out there that will compliment it and make your dinner table a sophisticated setting for a gourmet meal.

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