Recipe Holder - A Helpful Housewarming Gift

You can give a helpful housewarming gift with a recipe holder that will prove as useful in the kitchen as it is decorative; helping create those finishing touches to make a house feel more like a home.


Moving into a new property can make a family realise just how much goes into making a house a home. It can be difficult to make a kitchen feel lived in when you only fill it with the basic kitchen appliances. Kitchen decor and accessories can be very useful in creating both a functional and fashionable living space. Housewarming gifts come in all shapes and sizes but most people end up with a range of ornaments that sit and collect dust. More and more people are giving useful housewarming gifts that also help add to the kitchen decor.


Make a House a Home with a Recipe Holder


A recipe holder can make a great housewarming gift. Functional and fashionable, a recipe holder is likely to be something that a family or couple will get many years of use out of. Newlyweds and those starting a family will no doubt begin branching out and trying new foods. Today people use recipes from cookbooks, online print outs and hand-written notes which can be difficult to follow when you have your hands full. A good quality recipe holder will not only look stylish but should be able to hold a variety of different books and notes. A recipe holder with hinged wooden tabs or counter weights is a good option to help cooks keep their recipes flat and intact. With the right angle, a recipe holder will ensure guidelines and ingredients are easier to follow.


Choosing Your Recipe Holder


Rustic Recipe Holder – A solid oak recipe holder is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The soft earthy tones complement almost any traditional kitchen interior.


Contemporary Cast Iron Holder – A cast iron recipe holder suits both traditional and modern kitchen designs. An enamelled recipe holder can be chosen to complement your interior aesthetic.


Recipe Holder from ProCook


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