Rolling Scones - Complete your Bakeware with a Rockin' Rolling Pin

Baking is big at the moment but if you want to have a go you will need a rockin' rolling pin.

Baking is growing into something of a craze at the moment and this is illustrated by the new TV show The Great British Bake Off, which sees home bakers battle it out with rolling pin and baking tray on national television to see who the best baker around is. These competitors are put through baking challenges where they have to make the best use of their rolling pin and other kit to create delicious pies, pastries, cakes and more. This illustrates the evident British passion for cooking and baking in particular and if you are interested in it, why not give it a go?

Let the Good Times Roll - The History of Pastry and the Rolling Pin

Pastry is thought to have originated in Mediterranean regions as ancient Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians all had filo-style in their repertoire of recipes. Greek theatre from the 5th century BC mentions pastries being eaten that contained fruit and other ingredients. The Roman Empire certainly used pastry and it was in this civilisation that being a pastry chef was first recognised as a specialist job. It is not certain whether such chefs used a rolling pin but the simple and effective design of a rolling pin could easily have been conceived in those times. Methods of baking pastry have evolved hugely since then and perhaps the best wielders of a rolling pin in recent times have been in France. These patissieres can create delicate and delicious treats that taste unbelievably good.

Use your Rolling Pin to Make some Tasty Pastry

If you want to try out a little pastry wizardry you will need a quality rolling pin and a few simple ingredients and then with a little practice you should be able to realise any patissiere dreams and maybe even make the following dishes:

• Linzer torte – an Austrian or Hungarian tart or cookie

• Petit four – a small French pastry-based confectionery

• Tompouce – a Dutch and Belgian pastry dish

• Cream puff – a delicious choux pastry often covered with chocolate

• Vanilla slice – a very popular treat in the UK which is iced and filled with confectioners custard

• Scones – a very English thing to make with your rolling pin and baking skills -perfect with clotted cream, jam and a cup of tea

The types of rolling pin today don't differ too much as it is such a simple design but innovations have been made and it is now possible to acquire a heavy marble rolling pin which remains cool, so is perfect for rolling pastry.

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