Salt and Pepper Shakers: The Importance of Seasoning

Pleasing dinner party guests can be difficult when everyone has their own culinary preferences, so ensure you place salt and pepper shakers on your dining table.

Cooking for one is never much of a challenge. Cooking for two can be a little demanding, but it’s achievable with a little preparation. When it comes to hosting a dinner party, finding the right flavours and the right balance is pretty testing. We all have our own unique taste in food, our own culinary preferences, so how do you please everybody? Ensuring that you have salt and pepper shakers on your dining table can help to solve your seasoning headache.

To Season or Not to Season 

Seasoning our food to the correct level is extremely important, and finding the ideal flavouring for a large party of discerning taste buds is not as easy as it seems. With all dinner parties, there are a number of guests who could throw a spanner into the works; whether it’s vegetarianism, veganism, a dislike of a certain meat, an allergy, or just an extremely fussy approach to food. The same dilemma could apply to the way you season your dishes, so ensuring that you have salt and pepper mills at hand, for your guests’ use, could be the answer to your quandary.

Salt and pepper shakers placed on the dinner table allows guests to season their food as they desire, without insulting the chef.

Salt and Pepper Shakers & Tableware

We all know that a dinner party is more than just the taste of your homemade cuisine. Not only do you need to hit the nail on the head with flavours in your food and your choice of matching wine to compliment each course, but presentation is key. This applies to your table setting, so choosing the right salt and pepper mills or salt and pepper shakers is important.

If you are shopping for salt and pepper shakers, try to think about a common colour or theme that you use for your parties. There are so many different salt and pepper shakers and mills that you could choose from. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Small, simple, porcelain salt and pepper shakers
  • Battery operated salt and pepper mills
  • Twist salt and pepper mills
  • Stainless steel salt and pepper mills
  • Wooden salt and pepper shakers
  • Novelty / abstract mills

Find Your Perfect Salt and Pepper Mills Today...

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