Saute Savvy with a Non Stick Skillet

Get saute savvy with a superior skillet that is lightweight, durable and comes with a non stick coating for low fat frying and stylish sauteing. 


Everyone is a fan of the frying pan. It cooks food quickly and easily with minimal effort. With a non stick skillet, even the most amateur of chefs can fry up a delicious feast. Whether you are frying up a frittata or whipping up an omelette; you can cook a mouth-watering meal in minutes by selecting a Teflon coated skillet.


Non Stick Does the Trick with a Teflon Skillet


Teflon was introduced in the 50’s and has revolutionised domestic cookware. The non stick skillet coating prevents food adhering to the pan base and burning. The non stick skillet coating enables the pan to be flatter without worrying about food release. With increased contact between the ingredients and the pan, food like omelettes can be cooked evenly with a reduced cooking time. A skillet that is comprised of aluminium conducts heat well and is light weight; making flipping the odd pancake fantastically easy. A good non stick skillet works well at lower temperatures for cooking methods like sautéing. There is often no need for utensils when the higher sides of the skillet ensure all ingredients stay within the pan whilst you move it around.

Why You Should Cook It with a Skillet

The common skillet is renowned for its ease of use and versatility. However, choosing a non stick aluminium skillet can make those culinary mishaps less of a nightmare.

  • Easy Cleaning – The fluorinated polymer coating acts like a plastic, joining tightly with carbon and preventing any food from hardening and sticking to the skillet base.
  • Food Release – A non stick skillet is designed to release food with minimal effort to keep your meal intact and preventing it from burning; leaving you with a well-presented and great-tasting dish.
  • Heat Distribution – The flat non stick skillet base ensures maximum contact between the food and the heat; for a well-cooked meal throughout.


Fry Up Something Fantastic with a Skillet from ProCook


If you are looking for a skillet for your morning fry up, you can find a great selection of non stick frying pans at ProCook.  Our Teflon coated aluminium skillets come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your culinary needs.