Save Time with the Super Speedy Mandoline Slicer

Save Time with the Super Speedy Mandoline Slicer

You could save time in your kitchen with a speedy Mandoline slicer that lets you shred that veg in an instant. From slivers to sticks; the Mandoline slicer does the trick with a safer solution to super fast slicing.

Professional chefs appear to go a mile a minute when dicing their identically sized vegetables. We can’t all be culinary craftsman in the kitchen, but achieving consistently chopped carrots doesn’t mean slaving away over your chopping board for hours making sure everything matches. Perfectly diced vegetables can be done quickly and easily with the addition of a Mandoline slicer that does all the hard work for you.

The Gonzalez of the Grating World

Whether you are an aspiring chef or a typical mum in the kitchen; chances are you want to get the chopping out of the way before the pan comes to a boil. Because cooking is time dependent you need a slicer that is fast, efficient and safe to use. The Mandoline slicer can cut, slice and dice your foodstuffs in an instant with its deliciously different design. The stable non slip frame is able to fit comfortably over a variety of pots, pans or flat boards to give you greater control over your grating and slicing. With the addition of a pusher and slider cradle fingers are safely kept away from blades allowing you to slice at speed without risk of injury. The simple mechanism allows you to make the same easy sliding movement to create identically sized items; whatever your culinary creation.

: Make Mountains in a Minute

The presentation of your food is paramount to a successfully delectable dish. Even if you are pushed for time the Mandoline slicer can tackle even the most oddly shaped vegetables to help you serve up a superior meal in style.

Metal Spikes – Five metal spikes are used in the pusher to keep food firmly in place. With greater grip over your foodstuffs you can have better control over the amount of grated food you produce.

7 Blades – With seven interchangeable blades, the Mandoline slicer can dice your desired size and shape in seconds; leaving you more time to focus on your culinary masterpiece.

Chop Chop, Snap Up a Mandoline Slicer ProCook

If you want to cut down the time it takes to prepare your food, you can find a quick and easy solution with a Mandoline slicer from ProCook.  The Mandoline slicer allows you to safely dice, slice and chop your foodstuffs in seconds. Shop online for a Mandoline slicer today.