Season Stylishly with Salt Shakers and Mills

You can season with style when you invest in quality salt shakers or grinding mills that make an attractive addition to any dining table and help distribute condiments evenly throughout your dish.


Setting the dinner table is an important part of helping your guests feel welcomed into your home. Accessories and tableware can help create an attractive and enticing dining space. Restaurants and experienced hosts know that they need to cater to their guests in order for them to feel comfortable and enjoy their dining experience. Condiments are a tabletop essential as they give the diner the power to modify and enhance their dish to their liking. As a result, salt shakers and pepper mills can be found at the most casual of eateries and Michelin starred restaurants. Salt shakers, grinders and mills are becoming more elaborate and modern in their design to appeal to homes with contemporary kitchens.


Tasteful Tableware: Accessorise with Salt Shakers


Your tableware accounts for much of your dining table decoration. Whether you are entertaining guests or laying the table for a family meal; the condiments are the first things to be brought out and often the first things to be noticed. Salt shakers and mills come in a variety of classic and contemporary designs that can add to the overall appeal of your bountiful spread. Contemporary style lovers may look for salt shakers in stainless steel designs or clear acrylic bodies. These style-savvy hosts often prefer salt shakers that have cutaway windows to allow the contents to be visible. Not only are these clean designs appealing, but they are often durable and stylish on the dinner table; reflecting light from candles for an elegant dining experience.


Salt Shakers: Creative Condiment Holders


Salt Shakers – Salt shakers are a classic tabletop accessory. Their small holes allow ground salt and pepper to be distributed evenly and gradually throughout a dish.


Salt Mill – Salt mills are becoming increasingly popular as they allow the diner to adapt the coarseness of their salt to suit their tastes.


Salt Pig – A salt pig makes a great addition to a more rustic, laid back dining experience; allowing diners to dip into their salt pig for a pinch of seasoning.


Salt Shakers from ProCook


If you are looking for salt shakers to accessorise your dinner table, you can find a range of stylish salt shakers and mills at ProCook. We stock a range of stylishly functional tableware and accessories to make your guests feel completely catered for.