Serve Up a Superior Slice with a Ceramic Pizza Stone

Serve Up a Superior Slice with a Ceramic Pizza Stone

Feast on a fuller-flavoured slice when you use a ceramic pizza stone to create a deliciously crispy pizza. Whether homemade or shop-bought a high-quality pizza stone could give you the edge in your oven.

Home cooked pizza can sometimes be a little hit and miss. Professional pizza chefs will tell you that there is a fine art to creating the perfectly crafted pizza. From fillings to toppings and sauces to bases; there are a number of things that can affect the outcome of this classic dish. But you don’t have to be a professional Pizzaiolo to bake a better pizza. You can serve a posh pizza worthy of any ristorante when you use a ceramic pizza stone.

Get the Edge with a Pizza Stone that Gives You a Crispy Crust

There is something irresistible about a well-cooked pizza but when your cheese burns before the base cooks you could be left with a soggy, unpalatable mess. A ceramic pizza stone can deliver a far superior slice that tastes as if it was cooked in a professional pizza oven. The pizza stone distributes heat evenly throughout your pizza leaving a tantalisingly crisp crust and beautifully baked toppings. Get the edge over your friends and throw a pizza party that has them coming back for more. A pizza stone will retain its heat for longer allowing you to keep your base hot and your cheese melted whilst sat at your table. 

The Corner Stone of Great Tasting Pizza: Using Your Pizza Stone

There is no need to suffer a pizza faux-pas with a cleverly crafted pizza stone that can make your pizza downright delectable. But if you fancy a slice of the pizza stone action there are a few top tips to making that Margherita marvellous.

Prepping – You should prep your pizza stone with a little flour or cornmeal to prevent your pizza from sticking. If you want to use oil, be prepared that any flavoured oils are likely to remain even after washing.

Cold Oven – Placing your pizza stone into an already super-heated oven can send it into shock and cause it to shatter. Always place your pizza stone into a cold oven to allow it to gradually heat up evenly throughout.

Get Creative – If you have a passion for pizza why not branch out a bit. Try bruschetta or French rolls baked on your pizza stone.

Cleaning – Always leave your pizza stone to cool down naturally before cleaning to prevent cracking. Clean with hot water and a scouring pad but avoid using soap that could taint the pizza stone.

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