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Sharp Edges Cut Well with a Knife Sharpener

Blunt knives? There's nothing more frustrating than preparing to slice up a tough piece of food and finding your knife just won't cut it anymore.

There's a great selection of knife sharpeners to choose from and ProCook has the cream of the crop. If your knives are a bit dull on the blades after years of constant, use a good quality knife sharpener. It's an excellent investment to form part of your kitchen equipment essentials. Choose between a ceramic wheel knife sharpener, or an electric knife sharpener. Which is the right one for you?

Which Knife Sharpener should you Choose?

A ceramic wheel knife sharpener works in a very simple way. Two ceramic wheels that are set at exactly the right angle to sharpen your blades are housed in a sleek hardwearing unit that's easy to clean and stops the stone wheels from rusting or wearing out. All you have to do is draw the knife through the ceramic wheels until you reach your desired point. For a more manual and traditional knife sharpener, whetstone is also available. Whetstone has two sides, one course and one fine, to hone the edges of your knives. There's also a classic design by Robert Welch that are traditionally popular with butchers. With spring-loaded steels which rotate under pressure you'll get a razor sharp edge to your plain and serrated edged knives after just 4 or 5 runs.

Electric Knife Sharpener – Powerful & Reviving

You can also choose to invest in an electric knife sharpener that does all the hard work for you. There are some great electric knife sharpeners on the market and if you need that little bit of extra assistance to keep your knives in tip top condition that may be the right solution for you. Having razor sharp knives to prepare your meat and vegetables at home makes all the difference to your cooking experience.

Razor Sharp – Ceramic Knife Sharpener

Come and take look at the great range of knife sharpeners we have in stock here at ProCook. From a ceramic wheel knife sharpener, electric knife sharpener or an electric knife sharpener, choose the right one for you. Order a knife sharpener from ProCook today from our secure online shop. Alternatively call us to order by phone on 0330 100 1010 between 9 and 5pm Monday to Friday.