Show Your Spuds a Little More Love with Potato Peelers

You can show your spuds a little more love with potato peelers that help you get the most out of your roasties, mash and chips with quick and painless peelers that make potato preparation less of a chore.


Potato peeling has been the bane of people’s lives for centuries. Peeling those cold, wet potatoes is something every cook dreads. However, more and more people are finding ways to make potato preparation infinitely easier with potato peelers that show you and your spuds a little more love. From comfortable handles to sharp, precision cutting edges; potato peelers have come a long way from their archaic ancestors. From potatoes to vegetables and fruits; taking the time to choose the right potato peelers can make all the difference when it comes to creating beautifully cut and deliciously tempting potatoes in every shape and form.


A Better Peel for a Better Meal


Professional chefs understand that the kitchen implements they use can ultimately affect the outcome and quality of their dish. From taste to presentation; the shape, texture and flavour can affect the overall appeal of a dish. As a result, choosing superior potato peelers could help you create a superior meal. There is no need to make a hash of your mash with potato peelers that take out all the unsightly lumps and bumps quickly and easily. Sharp, well formed peelers fit into your hands easily; allowing for greater control when removing potato eyes, blemishes and damaged areas. Fruits and vegetables can also be prepped and perfected with potato peelers for attractive dishes.


Potato Peelers: Peel it Your Way


Choosing the best potato peelers can often depend on your culinary needs.


Traditional Potato Peelers – Traditional potato peelers can allow for more precise peeling with its smaller peeling area. Look for potato peelers with a pointed tip to allow you to remove potato eyes and blemishes quickly and easily.


Julienne Peeler – The stylish julienne peeler, or Y potato peelers, can be easier to use for the peeling novice. Their uniform design produces consistent peeling results which make decorative peelings for salads and fruit medleys.


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