Slice and Dice with Ease with Kitchen Slicers

If you want to be able to slice, dice and grate your food easily then you should invest in one of the fantastic kitchen slicers currently on the market., (also known as a mandolin slicer) are fantastic devices that can help make life in the kitchen a lot easier. They are suitable for numerous different foods and can save you loads of time when preparing meals, snacks and more. So, if you want to save time and effort then kitchen slicers are the way forward.


Thor Bjorklund - The Origins of Kitchen Slicers


Kitchen slicers are originally a Nordic design and their invention was fuelled by the frustration of a Norwegian carpenter who could not slice his cheese thinly enough. Thor Bjorklund, born in 1889, just couldn’t make his slices of cheese slender enough with a normal knife so he set about finding a solution to this dairy-caused quandary. He was experienced at using planes in his carpentry work so he adapted this design to make the first cheese slicers, which became the kitchen slicers that we know today. Bjorklund patented his original design in 1925 and he set up a company making kitchen slicers (or cheese slicers as he thought of them) in 1927 which remains in business today. 


Kitchen Slicers – Making Culinary Life Easier


Thanks to Thor, creator of kitchen slicers, we have utensils that can make slicing even, slim slices the work of a mere few moments. With cheese this allows you to quickly make a tasty cheddar sandwich, prepare a delicious Edam omelette or rustle together a quick Gouda salad. A mandolin slicer is used for much more than just cheese though, and it is particularly useful for vegetables. When preparing a meal it can take a considerable amount of time to slice and dice all your vegetables, but with kitchen slicers it only takes seconds. To chop your veg simply take your courgette, carrot or onion and place it in the device then push and pull a handle a few times and the job is done. This is a great way to make julienne vegetables, homemade chips and much more. Kitchen slicers can also be used to slice fruit and quality models have different blades, allowing you to slice, grate or get a crinkle-cut effect, and you can choose between various thicknesses.


The kitchen utensil market today is full of great products and kitchen slicers are among them, so make a small investment in one now and you will find your culinary life easier than ever.


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