Start a Healthy Eating Plan with a Non Stick Grill Pan

You can cook healthier meals with the help of a non stick grill pan that can grill almost anything you can think of with minimum oil, reduced fat and maximum taste thanks to its deliciously different design.


When you are trying to get back into shape, it is not always necessary to go on a restrictive and time consuming diet. Simply changing the way you cook can often be enough to substantially reduce your fat intake. You can cook deliciously healthy meals with a non stick grill pan that grills meat, fish and vegetables without the need for masses of oil or cooking fat.


Grill Pan: Your Cuisine Just Got a Little Leaner

Many people find that there is no need to change the way they eat when they can change the way they cook with a grill pan that does the hard work for them. A non stick grill pan comes with a heavy duty ridged base that can be used to cook meats, fish and vegetables that you might normally fry. The non stick coating helps keep the low-fat food intact and the ridged base ensures any fat run off can be collected away from the meat. From bacon to steaks; the fats can pool between the griddle base and with a pouring lip; the fat can be disposed of instantly. As a result, less fat finds its way to your plate for a leaner meal.

Make the Most of Low-Fat Meals with Your Grill Pan

  • Sealing - Sealing your meat in a grill pan can help lock in its flavour which is essential when you are using your grill pan to rid the meat of excessive fat.
  • Marking – Give your low fat meal an edge by marking it in your grill pan. From vegetables and meats to breads; marking can give it that charred flavour you find on the BBQ.
  • Gratinating – Use less cheese and achieve the same great taste when you grill food with Parmesan cheese on your grill pan.
  • Serving – Low fat food cools down quicker. Use your grill pan to keep it warm at the table with a stylishly sizzling enamelled grill pan.


Get on Board with a Grill Pan from ProCook


If you are looking for a healthier way to cook, you can find a grill pan to suit your needs at ProCook.  Our grill pan selection comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs to make the most of your low fat meals.