Start Summer Sooner with a Grillit

You can start summer sooner with a grillit that lets you barbeque indoors at anytime of the year. Enjoy grilling vegetables and searing meats from the comfort of your kitchen; with food that tastes like sunshine itself.


The British weather can be wholly unpredictable. Even with those rare bursts of sunshine, there is often little time to savour the full-on flavours of the barbeque. Few realise that you can achieve that same great taste indoors with a grillit. Most grillit pans are large enough to accommodate a variety of food items at once. From sausages to soft mushrooms; a grillit can be used in a similar way to your barbeque grill.


The Taste is in the Texture with a Grillit


Standard frying pans can often leave your meats scorched in all the wrong places. When being pan fried in oil, chicken can harden with total contact with the cooking surface. With a grillit, the ridges on the pan base ensure that meat and vegetables are only charred in stripes and the rest of the meat is cooked without direct contact with the grillit. Consequently, the result is a tender, juicier cut that is balanced with the lightly crisp searing marks for a fuller flavour. Many people find that choosing a non stick grillit can improve texture and flavour as the non-stick coating prevents burning and allows for easy food release.


Don’t Just Cook It, Grillit!


Come rain or shine, you can use your grillit to give you that great barbeque taste. So there is never any need to call off the party.

Stripy Searing - With a gently ridged base, the classic grillit gives a seared, stripy finish to meat and vegetables. From steaks to chicken skewers; you can bring out the barbeque in your home cooking.


Hob and Grill - A durable carbon steel grillit will work well both on the hob and under the grill; allowing you to keep your barbeque delights deliciously warm after cooking.

Pouring Lip - It’s all gravy with a good grillit that has a generous pouring lip to remove excess fats and save precious juices. 


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