Stay Cool in the Kitchen with Saucepans for Induction Hobs

You can stay cool in the kitchen with saucepans for induction hobs that cook efficiently, are more responsive and do not cause excessive amounts of heat to build up in the kitchen.

Any professional chef will tell you that cooking leads to a hot and uncomfortable kitchen. From Sunday roasts to quick evening meals; home kitchens can become just as hot in a short space of time. This is because electric and gas hobs give off vast amounts of heat in and around the stove. Saucepans for induction hobs are becoming increasingly popular as they are highly efficient and reduce the excess heat lost on traditional stove tops. Induction cookers and saucepans for induction hobs are helping professional and families handle the heat in their kitchen more effectively.


Handle the Heat with Saucepans for Induction Hobs

Induction hobs require ferromagnetic cookware in order to function. Using electromagnetic technology, saucepans for induction hobs become the main heat source using an electromagnetic field. Intense friction of this electromagnetic field heats the pan and not the stove top. Not only is this more efficient, the stove top surrounding the pan does not heat. Consequently, heat can be concentrated to the food in the pan; reducing the amount of excess heat that escapes and helping the keep cooks and kitchens cooler.


Magnetic Mealtimes with Saucepans for Induction Hobs

Responsive – Induction hobs are very responsive which makes saucepans for induction pans even easier to control. Saucepans for induction hobs can go from a high heat to almost no heat almost instantly. This reduces the chance of a spoiled meal or overcooked food items.

Powerful – Induction hobs are more powerful than gas and more responsive than electric hobs. This allows saucepans for induction hobs to achieve faster boiling and reduced cooking times. Heating almost instantly, there is no need to turn up the heat to reach your desired temperature. Highly efficient, saucepans for induction hobs can help homes save energy and reduce the amount of excess heat given off in the kitchen.


Saucepans for Induction Hobs from ProCook

If you are looking to stay cool in your kitchen, you can find a range of saucepans for induction hobs to give you the edge in culinary excellence at ProCook.  Our saucepans for induction hobs come in a range of sizes and models to suit your cooking requirements.