Store Your Knives Safely with Empty Knife Blocks

You can store your knives safely with empty knife blocks that hold your sharp implements securely without impeding their accessibility.


The majority of household accidents occur in the kitchen so it makes sense to take every precaution when it comes to storing sharp objects and dangerous implements in your home. Empty knife blocks are an essential kitchen item when it comes to safely storing knives whilst keeping them accessible. Some people have knife drawers but unless specifically designed for your knife sets, knives can move around, become damaged and hazardous when placing hands in and out of them. As a result, more and more people are purchasing empty knife blocks to house their knives safely on their work surface.


Empty Knife Blocks: Safe, Secure and Out of Reach


Empty knife blocks are the best way to store sharp implements safely in the home. Small children can often reach into drawers without seeing the contents but with empty knife blocks, knives can be places out of reach on a countertop in a secure block of wood. High quality empty knife blocks can often be purchased with different sized slots to ensure paring knives, bread knives, carving knives and other implements can have their blades secured whilst keeping their handles accessible to the person cooking. Beech empty knife blocks are often sturdier, preventing the toppling of knives and helping families avoid potential accidents in the home.


Benefits of Empty Knife Blocks


Compact –Empty knife blocks take up very little counter space by storing knives at the optimum angle for accessibility.


Wipe Clean – Beech empty knife blocks often come with a wipe clean finish to ensure any spills or splashes can be quickly cleaned up; keeping implements in tip top condition.


Stay Sharp - Empty knife blocks are perfect for storing your knives as they can help keep edges sharp and ready for cutting as opposed to storing them in a drawer where they can chip and become dull.


Empty Knife Blocks from ProCook


If you are looking for empty knife blocks to safely store your sharp knives; you can find a range of knife blocks and knife block sets from ProCook. We stock a range of empty knife blocks in styles and sizes to house a variety of knife types.