Stuck in the Griddle with You - Non Stick Griddles

Say goodbye to sticky situations with non stick griddles that don’t leave you in a pickle in the kitchen. From pancakes to flatbreads; you can rustle up all manner of meals with these versatile griddle pans.


When you want to cook something tasty and presentable, it can be difficult to find the right cookware for the job. Something as simple as using the wrong pan can ruin a meal. If you are cooking something for the first time, you won’t always know what will cook well on what. As a result, it helps to find cookware and griddles that can cook almost any food item; in a multitude of ways. Make a meal of it without making a hash of it. Non stick griddles can take the worry out of cooking, frying, grilling or sautéing the things you love.


No Fuss, No Fiddle with Non Stick Griddles


Cooking on the hob is always a little trickier as pans at a high heat can react with your food and form chemical bonds; causing food items to stick to the pan. Protein rich foods are particularly prone to sticking which can lead to a messy meal and a difficult pan to clean. Cooking a deliciously tempting meal requires griddles that can handle the heat. Non stick griddles ensure your meat, vegetables or flatbreads stay intact and peel free easily once they are cooked for hassle-free home cooking every time.


Taste the Difference with Griddles


Pancakes – Pancakes are notorious for sticking to the frying pan but with non stick griddles, you can turn your scotch pancakes in an instant. Many pans are uneven and can cause your pancakes to spill into unflattering shapes but with a super-flat non stick griddle; you can have circular pancakes every time.


Vegetables – Frying vegetables has never been so easy will non stick griddles that let you sear your tomatoes or mushrooms for a full-on flavour. Ribbed griddles can give you that flame grilled look with a delicate stripy finish.


Live a Little with Griddles from ProCook


If you are looking for a hassle-free way to cook almost anything, you can find a range of griddles at ProCook.  Our fantastic array of griddles comes in sizes and styles to suit your culinary needs.