Stylish Pan Stands for Kitchen Accessory Fans

You can add style to your kitchen decor with functional and fashionable pan stands that offer contemporary takes on the classic design.


Apart from being incredibly useful around the home, pan stands can also add a touch of designer style to your kitchen. Originally designed to lift pots from the smoky hearth, cast iron pan stands have become increasingly intricate and desirable. Once stove tops became popular, pan stands started transforming into the must-have home accessory.


Get Stand-Out Style with Pan Stands


Cast iron pan stands are one of the most popular trivet designs on offer today. Often enamelled, they are not subject to rust and can stay looking great for longer. The enamel design means you can choose a colour that is in keeping with your kitchen. Cast iron pan stands can be cast in different shapes and designs. Some of the most intricate designs are the most eye-catching but for truly stand-out style, the latest retro-inspired shapes can transform your counter space. As a result, pan stands are becoming collector’s items as their simple, yet desirable design attracts interior designers around the world.


Picking the Perfect Pan Stands for Your Kitchen


Depending on the style and design of a kitchen, certain pan stands may be better suited to an interior aesthetic. With such a range of styles, colours and shapes available, many people find the perfect pan stand for their design needs.

Contemporary Kitchen – A contemporary kitchen may not always suit cast iron pan stands. Metal pan stands made from stainless steel offer a clean, modern look that fits in with most cutting-edge designs.

Countrified Kitchen – For that country feel, the traditional cast iron pan stands are the perfect accompaniment to your countertop. Enamelled, painted or in their raw state; the intricate designs add a touch of homely class to any kitchen.

Retro Rooms – Vintage-inspired pan stands are highly sought after as many people return to the retro chic kitchen designs of the era. White and pastel coloured pan stands in oval and circular shapes can give your counter that retro charm you are looking for.


Outstanding Pan Stands from ProCook


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