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Tired of carving your roast chicken? Find the perfect pair of kitchen shears that'll last you a lifetime on the ProCook web site.

Whether you're using your kitchen shears to quickly slice up chicken, duck or turkey, or if you're jointing an already roasted piece of poultry, use some hard-wearing and tough kitchen shears for the job. Shears tend to be better at these big food preparation tasks than ordinary kitchen scissors because shears are more robust and heavier-duty. Less effort is needed to cut through tough meat using kitchen shears rather than knives or scissors.

As Sharp As a Knife – Poultry Shears

Jointing a raw chicken using poultry shears is the easiest way to chop a whole chicken up before cooking the individual pieces. First of all you can use your poultry shears to remove the legs by making a cut along the backbone and above the oysters. The chicken oyster is the piece of chicken which is oyster shaped and sits at the top of the muscle of the leg. Then, turn over the chicken and cut straight through the leg joints, while turning it outwards to remove them. Take your kitchen shears and cut through the middle joint of the leg and separate the drumstick from the thigh. Take off the chicken breasts by snipping the breastbone down the fat line on both sides of the breast to keep the bone attached for roasting.

Efficient & Sharp Cutting – Kitchen Shears

ProCook's kitchen shears are forged by hand from high grade carbon stainless steel carbon steel is an alloy of carbon and steel that is very tough and keeps a sharp edge longer than other materials and is easier to sharpen too. They are resistant to stains, hence the 'stainless' part of the name, and have excellent cutting ability.

ProCook Stock the Best Kitchen & Poultry Shears Online

Choose from our ProCook Italian classic shears, our Elite TPR poultry shears, or our super strong poultry shears. Made from the highest grade Japanese carbon stainless steel our kitchen shears are strong, durable with an exceptional cutting edge. Order your kitchen shears from the ProCook shop today and save time and energy preparing your poultry meals. Call us on 0330 100 1010 for more information on any of our products.