Switch and Save with Induction Hob Pans

You can switch and save with induction hob pans that are durable, efficient and versatile enough to use on any kind of hob; ensuring you can use induction hob pans for years to come.

Everyone likes to save money on their kitchen equipment and cookware as they expect it to last a long time. Some people may look for cheap, poorer quality pans in an attempt to save money. However, these can end up costing more when they need to be replaced frequently. More and more people are realising that they can switch and save with induction hob pan made from high quality materials and are built to last. Pans suitable for an induction hob must be made from ferromagnetic metal such as cast iron or steel; ensuring they are robust enough for years of heavy use.


Induction Hob Pans: Can-Do Cookware

Although aluminium and copper pans will not work with an induction hob, induction hob pans can be used on any type of cooker which makes them a worthwhile investment. Families can switch and save with induction hob pans that will work on any type of hob they decide to purchase in the future.Because induction hobs are more powerful than gas and more responsive than electric hobs, they can reach optimum cooking temperatures faster and use less energy in the process. Consequently, people can save time, money and energy with induction hob pans that are designed to make life that little bit easier.


The Benefits of Induction Hob Pans

Save It From Spoil – With intelligent induction, induction hob pans are detectable by the unit and some cookers can tell when your sauce has boiled dry and shut off the heat; enabling you to save a meal that could have spoiled.

Save Your Health – Unlike gas and some electric hobs, there are no carcinogenic fumes as a result of heat build up. This is better for the health of your family in the kitchen who don’t have to breathe in smoke vapours or suffer fatty splashes as a result of hot stoves.


Induction Hob Pans from ProCook

If you are looking for induction hob pans to save you money, energy and time; you can find a range of induction hob pans to keep you efficient in your kitchen with ProCook.  Our induction hob pans come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your cooking requirements.