Take Pleasure in the Peel with a Lemon Zester

You can take pleasure in the peel with a lemon zester that can zest a variety of citrus fruits quickly, easily and to your specifications; for beautifully presented dinners and desserts that boast that certain je ne sais quoi.

Half the job of cooking a great meal is in the presentation. Beautifully presented meals add to the enjoyment when eating a dish. Michelin star restaurants take great pride in focusing on the finer details for every meal. It is not uncommon to see decorative dinners and desserts topped with zested citrus fruits. A lemon zester takes strips of the peel containing the essential citrus oils which add flavour to the dish as well as offering an attractive burst of colour. Where some peelers and zesters can be difficult to use or limited to one function; choosing the right lemon zester can ensure delectable and decorative dishes every time.

Lemon Zester: For Decorative Visual A-Peel

Zesting a lemon is often used to add a burst of flavour to a dish as well as ensure it is visually appealing. A good lemon zester will be able to create different thicknesses of peel to suit every culinary creation. Where a small dessert may only require a finishing touch of large chunky peel, a sorbet may require large quantities of zest for the lemon oil content. As a result, many people select a lemon zester that has both perforated round holes for fine zesting and an additional cutter for thicker ribbons of lemon.

Selecting the Best Lemon Zester

A good lemon zester should be comfortable to use, safe and durable. As a result, many people look for a lemon zester made form premium quality stainless steel with a weighty handle; thus giving more control to the user. It is useful to own a lemon zester that is suitable for use on a range of other citrus fruits including oranges and limes. Finally, a quality lemon zester should be able to remove the majority of zest without extracting large quantities of the bitter pith which can ruin the flavour of a dish.

Get a Flash of Flavour with a Lemon Zester from ProCook

If you are looking for a versatile lemon zester to add colour and flavour to your food; you can find a range of graters and zesters to suit a variety of fruits at ProCook. To find out more, read about our lemon zester online today.