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Take the Plunge with Quality Cafetieres

After a good meal there's nothing better than a top quality cup of coffee and the best way to make one is with a cafetiere

Cafetieres, also known as press pots, coffee plungers or simply coffee pots are a great way to make a good quality cup of coffee. If you have served up a delightful meal to friends or family this is the best way to finish it, perhaps with a few wafer thin mints if people can still fit them in. Even if you haven't had a meal, if you are a fan of good coffee you will appreciate the extra flavour that a cafetiere gives your cuppa.

Origins of Cafetieres

Europeans are known as some of the world's biggest coffee lovers so it is perhaps not surprising that the cafetiere is thought to have been invented in France in the 1850s, where it is known as a cafetiere a piston. However, it was not patented until the 20th century when Italian designer Attilio Calimani registered it in 1929. Calimani went on to improve the design over a number of years and further work was done to this end by fellow Italian Faliero Bondanini. In general terms the design of the cafetiere has not changed much as it is a relatively simple device. It consists of a cylindrical pot normally made of glass or plastic with a lid and a plunger which has a fine mesh filter made of nylon or wire. Because the coffee brews in direct contact with the coffee grounds through the mesh, coffee made in a cafetiere has more flavour than filter coffee which is brewed through a paper mesh.

The Best Cafetieres Today

If you would like to be able to treat your guests to a great coffee when they pop round for a cuppa or after a dinner party, a cafetiere would be a very good investment. If you are not a coffee fan you can also use cafetieres to make a great cup of tea. There are a number of different designs of cafetiere on the market at a range of different prices so it pays to do at least a little bit of research before you take the plunge. You can buy cafetieres that are made completely of stainless steel which have a double-wall design, enabling them to keep your coffee or tea three times hotter than regular coffee pots or teapots. The traditional cafetiere is made from stainless steel and Pyrex allowing you to see your plunger in action. Cafetieres are also available with different capacities, from 350ml pots for a quick cup, to one litre vessels which are great for dinner parties. Whichever model you choose you will soon discover that the best way to make a quality cup of coffee or tea is with a cafetiere.

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