Teflon Dos and Don'ts for the Safest Non Stick Cookware

You can ensure you always cook with the safest non stick cookware by following some simple rules for your Teflon coated kitchenware to guarantee quality cooking and healthier meals.


Some people worry about whether they have the safest non stick cookware. The truth is that in order to keep it in the best condition, it needs to be looked after and used appropriately. The safest non stick cookware sets are ones that are undamaged and still retaining their Teflon coating. Misuse of even the safest non stick cookware can not only taint your food but permanently damage the non stick qualities of pots and pans. Non stick cookware is quite durable but there are some top tips for keeping it working at its best.


Dos and Don’ts for Safest Non Stick Cookware


Do Store Adequately - Storing your cookware clean and dry with no other pans inside to scratch it will help prolong the life of the coating.


Do Not Use Metal Implements - Metal implements and scouring pads can damage the coating causing pieces to flake off into food. Use plastic or silicone implements to ensure the safest non stick cookware.


Do Not Cook on High Heat - Cooking on too high a heat can create fumes that may be harmful to pets and damage the coating. Keep your cooking on low and medium heats for the safest non stick cookware.


Trust Teflon for the Safest Non Stick Cookware Coating


With over forty years of consumer use, laboratory testing and published peer-reviewed research; cookware made with Teflon non stick coating is safe for both consumer and commercial use at normal cooking temperatures. Even in the rare case that a person may accidentally ingest a flake of non stick coating from a damaged pan, Teflon coated kitchenware is trusted as some of the safest non stick cookware in the world. According to manufacturers, the coating flake is non-toxic and would pass through the body without being absorbed.


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