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The Advantages of Using a Super-Sharp Steak Knife

Owning a decent quality steak knife can make eating your sirloin a lot easier.

Steak knives are normally an extra addition to a full cutlery set for your dining room. Due to the high price of meat, steaks are considered a bit of a luxury in the UK so being able to enjoy the experience of eating them, a steak knife set is a great investment. Steak knives are ideally very sharp with serrated edges to allow you to use a sawing action to cut up your steak into edible size without too much effort. Most steaks are served in one large piece so having a good strong and sharp steak knife to cut easily and effortlessly through it is a must.

Fillet, Sirloin, Rump, Rib-Eye & T-bone – Steak Knife Sets

However you prefer your steak to be cooked, whether it's rare, medium rare, or well done, there are great sauces and classic dishes to serve up to accompany it. Get your steak knife into a big juicy rib-eye steak, or smother your fillet with a delicious peppercorn sauce. Alternatively try a fillet steak in a red wine sauce with shallots, bay leaves, thyme and a succulent mixture of spinach and celery to bring out the flavours.

Steak Knife Set – Perfect for Dinner Parties

Invest in a decent steak knife set to match your existing dinner set and be fully prepared for a dinner party at home. If you're planning to serve steak to your lucky friends being able to offer proper steak knives to them adds an extra touch of class to your evening. Serrated edge steak knives are also the ideal pizza knife as most standard dinner services only include the normal dinner knives for starters, mains and side plates.

Single Steak Knives & Steak Knife Sets from ProCook

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