The Baking Tray – A Baker's Best Friend

If you want to cook up a delicious dinner or some sweet treats you will need a good quality baking tray.

No home chef's skills are complete until they are proficient in the art of baking. There are innumerable things that you can create with an oven and a baking tray, from a simple plate of chips to a delicious pesto baked salmon and it can be a wonderful way to impress friends and family. By using a baking tray you can also make a myriad of amazing desserts from cakes to pies and many more irresistible puddings. Baking has a rich and lengthy history and it should be remembered that without that history it would not have evolved into the art that it is today.

The History of Baking and the Baking Tray

The first evidence of baking occurred when ancient man began cooking on a flat rock that was heated by fire. There are records that prove that Egyptians were baking bread in 2,500BC and it is possible that they learnt the technique from the Babylonians even earlier. It is also known that despite not having a modern baking tray the Greeks had flans and tarts as early as 400BC. Baking became a bug deal in the Roman Empire where a pastry cook first became a specific profession as this food was adored by the opulent upper classes. From Rome the art of baking spread through Europe and evolved, leading to the invention of the baking tray and numerous other accessories that are so useful in our kitchens today.

The Modern Baking Tray

The modern baking tray is a simple item but is extremely useful in cooking a plethora of meals, snacks and desserts. The baking tray is incredibly versatile and modern developments in design mean that it can be extremely durable while being easier to use than ever. Modern bakeware is made from materials such as the following:

• Carbon steel – carbon steel is now an incredibly popular substance for making bakeware items such as a baking tray. This is because it is highly non-stick so this enables you to remove baked goods from your baking tray with consummate ease.

• Silicone – silicone bakeware is a new development which you may not expect to stand up to the heat of an oven, but it does so without any problems. In fact it can withstand higher temperatures than many metals, it is incredibly tough and it is flexible and light so is easy to handle and to bake with.

Whatever material you choose, a baking tray is a vital and inexpensive kitchen accessory so buy one today and you'll find it really is a baker's best friend.

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