The Batter Bowl - Brilliant for Every Occasion

For everything from Yorkshire puddings to pancakes and crepes you will need a batter bowl.

Using a batter bowl in your kitchen can be a lot of fun as you get in a frenzy whipping up eggs, milk and flour to create some perfect pancakes or yummy Yorkshire puddings. It is really easy to make a batch of batter with a batter bowl but a lot of people forget about doing so apart from on Pancake Day. It is worth remembering the delicious treats that can be made with a few simple ingredients and a batter bowl, and how good such snacks taste.

Yummy Yorkshires with a Batter Bowl

No Sunday dinner is complete without a delicious, steaming batch of Yorkshire puddings. With an extensive selection of vegetables and a hunk of juicy roast beef, pork or lamb, Yorkshires make a perfect accompaniment. Some people alternatively use Yorkshire puddings, made lovingly in their batter bowl, as a humble but tasty starter swimming in thick onion gravy. The thought of such dishes alone is enough to get the taste buds tingling. Some people even eat leftover puds with a bit of sugar or syrup on them as an economic dessert. Whether you use a batter bowl to make Yorkshire puddings for a special Sunday dinner or just an ordinary Tuesday night, with a little gravy they will always taste great.

A Batter Bowl for Perfect Pancakes and Crepes

As mentioned many people forget to use a batter bowl until Shrove Tuesday when the country goes pancake mad, and on this day everyone suddenly remembers how good pancakes taste. In France, Belgium and other European countries they keep up the good work throughout the year and use a batter bowl to make delicious crepes covered in all sorts of enticing ingredients. So, whatever time of year it is you should get out your batter bowl or if you don't have one get down to the shops and buy a batter bowl so you can make some amazing crepes of your own. Here are a few ideas to help you customise your pancakes as well as a couple of classic toppings:

• Sugar and lemon – this is the classic English pancake and it is tart but sweet and crunchy.

• Chocolate spread – this is a very popular topping for crepes in Europe and you can never go wrong with chocolate.

• Ice cream and chocolate sauce – this is one that should be eaten quickly but is absolutely delicious.

• Crepes Suzette – this is the classic French crepe to make with a batter bowl and it is cookes in orange juice, sugar and cointreau.

So, whether you want to make some tasty Yorkshire puddings to complete a great roast dinner or some sweet and delicious crepes or pancakes, with a few simple ingredients, a bit of passion and a batter bowl you shouldn't have any problems.

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