The Development of Modern Oven Gloves

Traditional fabric oven gloves have been used for many years to transport hot food from the oven, but today, we have a wide range of mitts and gloves to choose from.


Every home has one. Every chef needs one. And no kitchen would be complete without one. Whether you opt for plain colours or a novelty design, oven gloves are a necessary part of everyday cooking and baking. For many years, this fantastic invention has been protecting hands from the hot objects of our stoves and ovens, and as years have gone by, design and development has advanced to offer us more choice.


The traditional fabric glove is made with heat insulation material which is surrounded by cotton. This type of glove has served our chefs and domestic goddesses for so many decades, and achieving their purpose as promised, they have stayed loyal to us for months, maybe even years.


The Unknown History of Oven Gloves


The invention of the glove is rumoured to date back to 440BC, as translated from a snippet in The History of Herodotus. But the origin of the ‘oven glove’ is yet to be confirmed.


Some users find that insulated fabric oven gloves need to be replaced every year. Others use their oven gloves so often that they need to replace them more often than that, and some families are in possession of stained, used and worn mittens that have prevailed for over a decade. But today, the design and development of mitts have advanced further to provide us with a more high tech selection, offering increased durability, better performance and better value for money in the long run.


The New Silicone Mitt  


On the cookware market today, there are so many varieties of mitts and glove types for the kitchen. Oven gloves are absolutely essential in all kitchens, commercial and domestic. Whether you are an avid baking queen or the owner of a high-demand catering business, oven gloves and mitts are critical pieces of kitchen equipment, and are vital to upholding top health and safety in the home or workplace. 


Ultimately, the advancements have led to better products, with improved longevity and better safety for chefs and kitchen staff. The silicone mitt is highly durable and completely waterproof. Because the silicone material is resistant to stains, the new silicone mitt is designed to provide longer service to homes and restaurant kitchens.


The silicone mitt, often referred to as the ‘cool glove’ has been invented with a high heat resistance, protecting hands more effectively, and for longer. The silicon mitt is a great progression from conventional oven gloves. They can offer the following:


  • Durability
  • Waterproof and stain-proof
  • Better grip than fabric gloves
  • High heat resistance
  • Simple cleaning instructions (dishwasher safe)


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