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Top Chefs own their own Boning Knives

It is generally understood that a top chef has their own set of cooking knives to use on a daily basis, and that includes a boning knife.

If you're a top chef working in a top class award winning restaurant then making sure you've removed every single potential choking hazard is extremely important. Despite obviously not wanting to be sacked for leaving a bit of bone in a customer's fish or chicken meal, you don't want to cause a them to end up in hospital because you didn't debone properly using your specialized boning knife.

Carbon Steel Boning Knives – The Boning Knife for the Professionals

Even trainee chefs carry their own knife bags with them as an integral part of their uniforms when they're working in kitchens. A typical trainee might have a Chef's knife, carving knife, meat fork, boning knife and a peeler in their knife rolls as well as many other gadgets and tools. Boning knives come in various sizes and widths. There are flexible boning knives and stiff ones too that are used for different types of meat. Fish and poultry need more flexible and gentler handling from boning knives because the flesh is more delicate, sometimes it's worth swapping to a longer fillet knife instead. A tenderloin or boned leg of lamb will benefit more from a stronger and wider boning knife.

Boning Knives – Sharp, Flexible & Fast – How to Use a Boning Knife

The best way to handle a boning knife to remove bones from a joint of meat is to move the boning knife in between the fat and flesh of the bone and slide it around the joint. The flesh should come away from the bone cleanly. Buy a good quality boning knife to debone your own meat and fish today or if you're a trainee chef invest in boning knives that'll last for your whole career.

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