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Traditional Roast Dinners - Carving Knives

A traditional roast dinner, either cooked at home or enjoyed as a meal in a restaurant must be carved before serving so here are some top tips for great carving knife techniques.

Everyone loves a good roast dinner, and not just at Christmas. Roast dinners are a bit of a classic tradition in Britain, from turkey, chicken and goose to pork, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings. Even as you've got your carving knife poised ready to serve your dinner guests with juicy succulent meat do you really know the best way to use your carving knives properly? Here are some great starting points to help you get the best cuts of meat from your roast without wasting any.

Saw or Slice? - Carving Knife & Fork

Whatever you've chosen to roast be it a large turkey or a small duck, it's always good to be able to demonstrate the correct way to carve the bird. The following tips come straight from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's favourite butcher, Ray Smith who wields his carving knives perfectly from years of experience. The wish bone was removed before roasting to make cutting with the carving knife easier.

  • After the bird has rested let the juices and fat drain out of the cavity into the roasting pan and put the bird on a chopping board.
  • Start with removing the legs by slicing straight down with your carving knife. A fork can be used to hold the bird steady but don't puncture it, Try to use the fork in the back of the roast.
  • Find the breastbone with your thumb and, using the carving knife cut downwards on one side then out along the ribs.
  • Using your carving knife, remove the breast in a single cut which you can then slice into perfectly round pieces.
  • Separate the thighs form the drumsticks and slice the thigh meat parallel to the bone.
  • Take off the wings with as much of the remaining meat as possible attached to them.

Sometimes the task of carving is thought of as a chore but if you follow these preparatory tips it should take the effort out of it.

Carving Knives – Gravy, Horse Radish, Mustard & Apple Sauce

Parsnips, potatoes, rosemary, garlic, carrots, red cabbage or shallots, everyone has their favourite accompanying vegetables for their roasts. Lemon and thyme flavoured chicken, or whiskey and apple pork, are both delicious combinations to serve with the full range of roasted vegetables. Your carving knives will be busy keeping up with the demand from your guests as they reach for seconds so make sure you have sharpened your carving knife sets up beforehand.

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