Turn Out Tasty Treats with a Muffin Tray

You can turn out tasty treats with a muffin tray that helps you to bake mouth-watering muffins with superior heat distribution properties, deep moulds and non-stick coating for stress-free bun baking.

A poor quality muffin tray can really take the cake when it refuses to release your beautifully baked buns. No matter how mouth-watering your muffin recipes, if your bakeware is insufficient; you can be left in a sticky situation. From flat undercooked cakes to overflowing batter; preserving the shape, texture and taste of your muffins is difficult when you do not invest in the right baking equipment. More and more people are taking the hassle out of their home baking with a high quality non stick muffin tray that can make the most of their muffin recipes.

Muffin Tray: Make More of Your Muffins

Muffins need to cook evenly to ensure their sticky batter becomes light and fluffy in the oven. Choosing a muffin tray with a Xylan non stick coating can help ensure your muffins are soft and delicious. Coated inside and out, these muffin trays offer superior heat distribution for even cooking without soggy muffin middles. As a result, many professional bakers find that they can achieve reliable and consistent baking results. The non stick coating on a muffin tray can also allow for an easy turn out; ensuring your muffin tops stay intact.

Bake It Your Way with a Muffin Tray

When making the most of your muffins, the muffin tray you choose needs to be durable, well proportioned and should offer excellent heat distribution properties. There are two types of muffin tray that always prove popular in the kitchen.

Non Stick Muffin Tray – A non stick muffin tray offers easy turn out and helps cook muffin batter evenly. The generous top lip ensures it can withstand years of baking without warping, chipping or flexing.

Silicone Muffin Tray – A silicone muffin tray can handle the heat in any kitchen. From high temperature baking to freezing and dishwasher cleaning; these hardwearing muffin trays offer great heat retention and baking results.  Cooling down quickly upon removal from the oven, you can ensure expertly baked cakes every time.

Bag a Baking Brilliant Muffin Tray from ProCook

If you want a hassle-free way to turn out moreish muffins, you can find a muffin tray to suit your needs at ProCook.  Our non stick muffin tray takes the hassle out of your home baking with its easy-release sheet coating.