University Challenge - Non Stick Cookware for the Culinary Novice

You can find failsafe pots and pans that work for you with non stick cookware that is easy to use, reliable and perfect for every culinary novice starting out in their own kitchen.


Moving your life to university doesn’t have to be daunting. Some students think they can survive on those flavourless microwave meals but they soon become bland and boring. Chefs and culinary experts know that great food starts with great non stick cookware. Settled students often find that they can rustle up a scrumptious meal in minutes with non stick cookware that does most of the hard work for them. Whether you are skilled enough to sauté or a complete culinary novice; many students find that non stick cookware offers them everything they need to get started in their new home.


Non Stick Cookware: More Trial, Less Error

The art of cooking may be an acquired skill but creating well-cooked, tasty dishes is simple with the right non stick cookware. Students are notorious for over-cooking or even burning food as they experiment with new culinary creations of their own. Non stick cookware is perfect for any aspiring chef or ravenous student. Non stick cookware has a Teflon coating that helps food cook evenly with little effort. Even if you forget to stir or add the ingredients on the wrong temperature; non stick cookware is kind to your culinary mishaps. Whether you want to prevent the frequent scorching of your food or require the easy release of your omelettes; non stick cookware does the trick every time.

Variety is the Spice of Student Life with Non Stick Cookware

Non Stick Griddles – Non stick cookware like griddles are great for those quick late-night fry-ups. There is no need to go to the greasy fast-food outlet on the way home; you can grill healthier bacon butties in an instant with non stick griddles that let the fat run off.

Non Stick Skillet – From omelettes to pancakes; there are a plethora of student-friendly meals that can be rustled up in a non stick skillet. Take the hassle out of your home cooked meals with non stick cookware that produces great results every time.

Fret-Free Cooking with Non Stick Cookware from ProCook


If you are looking for student-friendly kitchenware, you can find a range of non stick cookware to suit your needs at ProCook.  We stock non stick cookware in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to help you kit out your new kitchen in style.