Use Your Noodle with a Creative Pasta Maker

You can make noticeably superior noodles with a pasta maker that lets you create a range of long pasta designs for fresh and creative pasta as and when you need it.


Everyone loves the taste of freshly made pasta but few people realise just how simple it is to make with a pasta maker. With a variety of attachments, home cooking becomes instantly more creative. Families can enjoy teaching their children about cooking with a pasta maker that lets them get creative in the kitchen. From cooking their own meals to choosing their pasta type; kids can get excited about the food that they eat. Others simply love the freedom they have to choose the style of pasta they want every night. Whether they are entertaining guests or rustling up a tasty dish for themselves; a pasta maker is the fastest way to achieve truly terrific dishes.


Pasta Made Perfect: Pasta Maker Set


A pasta maker is quick and easy to use. Turning dough into delectably decorative pasta lengths in an instant; a pasta maker is a chef’s best friend. With a simple turn of the handle, the dough can be fed through a variety of different dies to create unique and enticing pasta. A pasta maker can be very therapeutic and enjoyable as people take pride in creating their own delicious dishes from scratch.


Get Creative with a Pasta Maker


Tagliatelle – A high quality pasta maker should be able to make tagliatelle pasta that consists of long flat pasta ribbons that look great when made with tricolour dough.


Spaghetti – The nation’s favourite pasta has to be spaghetti that goes perfectly with Bolognese and rich tomato sauces.


Linguine  - A lengthy, thin cut pasta that works well with pesto dressings and lighter accompaniments like seafood.


Pappardelle – A very broad fettuccine that is highly popular in Italy, this thick pasta shape goes well with rich sauces and was often paired with wild boar; making it the poshest of pastas.


Pick Up a Pasta Maker from ProCook


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