What is Induction Cooking?

What is Induction Cooking?

Despite being around for many years there are still some people that have yet to hear about induction cooking and its many benefits that offer the cook greater control, safer usage and more efficient methods of cooking.

Traditional gas and electric cookers heat pans using their heated elements on the surface of their hobs. Induction cooking revolutionised the way we think about sautéing, boiling, frying and generally cooking out food. By using an electromagnetic field and ferromagnetic cookware induction cooking causes the pans to become the primary source of heat. Creating evenly cooked dishes their quickly adjustable functions has helped them stand out from traditional hobs. More and more professionals are realising the potential of induction cooking methods that give them greater control and precious over the perfect meal.

The Science behind the Sizzle: What is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking units look like a standard flat-top glass unit but they work in an entirely different way. Induction cooking uses electricity to produce a magnetic field which causes friction and heat in a metal vessel. As the induction cooking pans become the primary heat source contents can be cooked quicker and more evenly for a superior culinary result. The induction cooking pans must be made of magnetic or ferrous metal material in order to work in conjunction with the stove. Pans made from steel, iron and nickel are usually suitable as long as a magnet will stick to them.

The Benefits of Induction Cooking

More Responsive – Induction cooking units are more responsive to the user as their instant heat adjustment is simply a manipulation of the strength of the magnetic field. This allows cooks to go to very low temperatures to keep contents warm without over cooking it.

Easy Clean – The smooth surface of induction cookers and its cool surface allows for it to be cleaned easily without worrying about burnt on stains.

Efficient Cooking – Induction cooking turns the pan into a heat source by encouraging only the area in contact to heat up. As a result it doesn’t waste as much energy as a traditional unit which allows heat to freely escape all around the pan base.

Safe Cooking – With no open flames and a cool cook top surface you can help reduce the chance of an injury to yourself or your children.

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