Whip Up some Genuine Rustic Pasta with a Spaghetti Maker

Italian food is all about fresh ideas and ingredients, and with a spaghetti maker the pasta can be fresh too.  


The very first pasta (or noodles) are thought to have originated in China, as long as 4000 years ago, but the country that is famous for this food is of course Italy. Italian food is loved the world over and we Brits can’t seem to get enough of it.


Pasta is one of the highest selling foodstuffs in the UK and this is because it’s a food that is easy to make and can be delicious. To make it taste even better though you should really try using a spaghetti maker to create fresh pasta – it really does taste better than the dried variety.


Using a Spaghetti Maker


There are numerous benefits to using a pasta maker or spaghetti maker. It is easy to use and fast, so you don’t have to add hours to your food preparation time. It is also fun to use and with different attachments that come with these sets you can create pasta in all sorts of shapes, from farfalle to tagliatelle. Most importantly, a spaghetti maker or pasta maker makes your pasta taste great. This is an easy way to enhance a simple dish, so why not?


Tips for Making Super Spaghetti Bolognese


If you buy yourself a spaghetti maker one of the first meals you will inevitably try making is spaghetti bolognese. And why wouldn’t you, so here are a few tips for creating an exemplary repast:


• Use plenty of garlic – don’t worry about your breath, this is continental food and is all about rich flavours.

• Use fresh herbs – fresh herb make all the difference in a bolognese sauce, so use sprigs of basil and oregano straight from the plant for a great taste.

• Add a slosh of balsamic – balsamic ties the flavours together in your sauce and sweetens the tomatoes.

• Use fresh pasta – just to make sure the point ha got across, using fresh spaghetti for this dish will make it taste extra special and you will notice the improvement.  


So, for a super spaghetti bolognese follow the above tips and invest in a spaghetti maker – it will be worth it.


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