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If you want to have a top kitchen you will need to ensure that you buy can openers that not only effective, but stylish too. Can we do this? Yes we can.


Can openers are sometimes overlooked in the world of kitchen utensils. Everyone has one lying around in a drawer but it isn’t until it stops working that you realise how much you need one. Think about how often you use can openers and you will soon see that you would struggle to last more than a day without one. Without a can opener you are left adrift in the kitchen, unable to access your baked beans, soup or tuna and unless you’re Popeye this can’t be done without one. So if you want to get to your spinach or whichever food is trapped within its aluminium prison, quality can openers are a must.


A History of Can Openers


Tin cans were used to preserve food as early as the 18th century in Holland. The Dutch navy used cans to store food as early as the 1770s and a small tinned salmon industry grew in Holland around this time. The use of cans spread to England and France by 1820 and the USA by 1822. However, these cans were very bulky and heavy and there were no such things as can openers yet. Early cans instructed people to cut around the top with a hammer and chisel, which required considerable skill. It was not until the 1850s that the first dedicated can openers appeared with a lever-type design. This primitive model designed by Robert Yeates was improved on by Ezra Warner whose design had a sharp sickle that penetrated the can and several replaceable parts. The US army adopted this opener during the American Civil War, however the sharp sickle made it too dangerous for home use, leading to the creation of the Bulls-Head opener which was very similar to Yeates’ design, though more effective. In the 1870s the first rotating wheel can openers were invented and it was this innovation that led to the can openers that most people still use today.   


Can-Do Can Openers Available Today


Developments have continued to be made in the design of can openers and there are some extremely effective and stylish models available today. There are acrylic can openers that are light, easy to use and very inexpensive. There are also slightly more expensive models made with stainless steel for added durability and such can openers will whip the top off any tin with ease.


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